BIG TECH DISRUPTOR SPEAKS: Patriot Exec of ‘Peer to Peer’ Phone AP Offers Private Network Away From Web-For Free

I spoke with the owner of Shazzle Chat about the current events of people being banned from social media and I wanted to bring this information to the public right away.  Cliff Boyle has spent the last 12 years working on a platform called ShazzleChat, which is going to change the way some people communicate.  Information on the ap is at

“From Everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded,” is Boyle’s motto, a self-made businessman who is interested in serving America with his privacy applications that are away from the web.

The truth will always win!

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“We are not web or browser-based so nothing goes through a server.  We can’t see content, and we don’t want to see the content.  We can not censor for speech, because we can’t see the content, so it will be hard for anyone to regulate us and force us to kick people off. Users can develop their own groups, and we are not in that group, we do not see the content. We have three patents and have applied for two more.  We offer a unique product.  At this time it is self-funded. We want to keep the chat free and self-funded at this point, but if we grow very large we may have to come up with some creative ideas on funding, like driving some ads or something.  But we are not at that point yet,” Boyle told me.

If you want real privacy-download our app now!

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From his Bio:

Cliff Boyle has three US patents on internet communications technology, with two others applied for, including automated multi-factor fraud protection, and decentralized internet. He is the founder of ShazzleChat, the first internet messaging service to avoid the Web.

His other business interests include Landmark Recovery, a national chain of US drug and alcohol treatment centers he founded and operates. His writing credits include a book of poetry, “The Birth of Christmas,” and a genre novel (under a pen name), “CyberScreams.” He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in short stories for “Messages,” and had his screenplay, “Night Landing,” optioned by the Academy Award-winning director, Hans de Weers. Cliff is a 1982 graduate of Harvard College.”

According to their website, “ShazzleChat is the World’s first chat application that allows you to send and receive messages via YOUR own private peer-to-peer network without anyone in the middle. Welcome to Privacy! P2P Messenger! Transferring large files is possible through our patented encrypted protocol without the use of third-party cloud applications. This way, everything is secure and private.”

Peer to Peer Messaging:

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From their media kit:

The Technology:

Shazzle unleashes the power of peer-to-peer connectivity to allow private internet communications, messaging, private social media, and tokenized and secure payments safe from the centralized authority intrinsic to the Client/Server architecture of the Web by allowing users to serve content directly from their smartphone and connected devices.

ShazzleChat offers a decentralized platform in which each smartphone becomes a user’s private network which we believe reduces man in the middle, device at rest, and aggregate server security breaches. No centralized record of the contents of the communication is ever created. Further, because the content itself resides only with the Sender and Recipient, Shazzle prevents the data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery to which all web communications are exposed.

Shazzle connects sender and receiver facilitating an encrypted channel where users send communications and content (even video with no limits on file size or length).

Shazzle never receives or stores a copy of the message. Instead the user is in total control of their privacy, with no need to trust anyone other than their intended receiver, and all without the limits on file size or content. This architecture ensures privacy because possession of communications content is limited to the Sender and the Recipient only.

*Shazzle does however record and index all interactions on the platform to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Issued Patent US 8612243 “System and Method of Managing Community-Based and Content-Based Information Networks” December 17, 2013

Issued Patent US 8819412 “System and Method of Delivering Confidential Electronic Files” August 26, 2014

Additional Shazzle pending patents, applications, and pending publications are available upon request.

For further reading:

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