Shazzle vs. Signal: The Power of End to End Encryption

What is End to End Encryption (E2EE)?

End to End Encryption (E2EE) is a secure method of communication that allows your message to be encrypted to prevent third parties and hackers from accessing the message while it’s being transmitted. How does End to End Encryption work?

End to End Encryption works by using keys to encrypt and decrypt messages that are stored between the two users’ devices. This means that the only phone that can decode the message you’re sending is your intended recipient. E2EE is almost unbreakable unless someone found the exact key from a user’s device or if someone hacked your device or recipient’s device.

Is End to Encryption Secure?

End to Encryption is one of the most secure ways to communicate today. The only person or people that can view the message without having the encryption key is your intended party(s). Currently, end to end encrypted messages still pass through servers, but are completely unreadable without your encryption key.

Shazzle vs. Signal

What is Shazzle?

Shazzle is a free, secure messaging suite of products that includes ShazzleChat, ShazzleMail, and ShazzlePay. You can send encrypted messages, emails, files, and payments quickly and securely with Shazzle products.

Through Peer to Peer (P2P) connectivity and end to end encryption, Shazzle turns your phone into your own private network to communicate safely and securely to your friends, family, and peers. Shazzle is free and available on the Google Play and Apple App Store today!

Shazzle Features

What is Signal?

Signal is a secure messaging application that works with end to end encryption to help keep your information private and secure. The Signal messaging app is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Signal Features

What is the difference between Signal and Shazzle?

Shazzle and Signal are very similar and both want to create a safe and secure application for users to communicate without fear of hackers and third party servers. However, there are significant differences between the companies. Signal offers a single product available through your phone and Shazzle offers a full suite of products to help you stay secure on multiple systems.

Signal recently launched a feature that requires you to input a pin upon every entry to the app. Shazzle has created an optional feature that way you do not need to input a pin every time if they would prefer not to.

Additionally, Signal features a cloud storage system to backup your information and Shazzle does not. Cloud storage can be a security risk to some people and that has caused concerns to some users. Shazzle’s system does not back up on any server or cloud storage software to ensure and mitigate the risk of your information becoming available to third party servers.

Finally, perhaps the biggest difference is Signal secures your communication via end to end encryption only. Shazzle uses end to end encryption and a peer to peer network to turn your phone into your own private server to communicate with other Shazzle users. Your messages aren’t passed between servers or stored on any server.