The Battle for Open Communication on Social Media

While so much good has come from social media platforms, this year has taught us of the many dangers behind the screens. By using social media platforms, not only are you risking your own online security, but now you may even be risking your freedom of speech.

In recent weeks, many social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are taking away your access to open communication by flagging or completely deleting any content it finds unsuitable. Here’s what that means for you and the future of online communication.

Facebook’s policies

Many people initially signed up for social media as a way to connect with friends and also express their thoughts. But what most people don’t know is that with many social media sites, like Facebook, you are not in charge of the content you post. Facebook can decide at any time to remove or flag your content if they don’t find it to be in line with their policies.

Facebook has recently started moderating groups and placing limitations on what is posted. Groups that have too many posts that are considered to be in violation of the company’s guidelines face the risk of those groups being restricted or even deleted.

Responses from Facebook Users

Understandably, many people have grown frustrated with the increasing regulations on mainstream social media platforms. What started as a useful tool to connect has become overregulated and too restrictive. Many users are leaving Facebook and other traditional social media platforms for alternative platforms like MeWe and Parler. Following the 2020 election, Parler CEO John Matze said 2 million people downloaded the Parler app on their phones. However, a group of users we surveyed said they found their UI to be “clunky” and not very easy to sign up and use.

How Shazzle is Different

Shazzle offers an open space for people to communicate, free from the fear of being censored. Shazzle is easy to download, easy to use and it’s private! Thanks to our patented technology, Shazzle turns your device into a private server. This means that you – and only you – are in charge of your own data, content and privacy. At Shazzle, we believe in freedom of speech and we want to empower users to take control of their online communications and give them the freedom to speak freely. Interested in learning more? Download ShazzleChat today to get started.