Sick of Targeted Advertising? How You Can Avoid It and Stay Safer Online

Have you ever searched for a product online and then started seeing that product come up on all your social media feeds? Has it ever happened when you didn’t search for the product, but simply talked about it online with a friend?

If it has, you’ve been subjected to targeted advertising. And while some targeted ads can provide convenience, others, like the kind that predict what you might be looking for, can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable.

What is Targeted Advertising?

Targeted Advertising is a form of advertising specifically directed towards audiences with certain traits like race, age and gender. They can also target you based on your interests, values and lifestyle.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, targeted advertising allows brands to specifically reach the consumer who would be most likely to buy from them. It’s become increasingly popular thanks to the emergence of social media, mobile web and online shopping.

What Are the Concerns About Targeted Advertising?

Only getting ads for the things that you are most likely to buy sounds great in theory. But targeted advertising raises a lot of privacy concerns for consumers. That’s because it is performed by analyzing consumers’ activities through online services such as cookies. Cookies are text files dropped on a browser that record movements including purchases, preferences, search history and more. Additionally, social media apps can often track your browsing history and sell the data to advertisers and other third party users.

How Can You Stay Safer Online?

The good news is that both cookies and privacy settings have to be approved by you, so check the settings on your accounts and make sure to read the terms before agreeing to anything. You should also delete your cookies regularly to keep your information safe and secure online.

You can also communicate privately to keep third parties from accessing your information. ShazzleChat offers a completely secure platform for communicating with your friends. Thanks to end to end encryption, ShazzleChat keeps all your communications secure and free from third party advertisers or anyone else who might be trying to track your online habits.

All of us here at Shazzle believe that privacy is one of the most basic human rights and your online presence should always be secure. Our suite of products for text, email, and pay can help you ensure your security when you’re online.