Can someone hack Shazzle? Read your messages?

Our design favors direct delivery rules, where the data is transferred securely and the private key is kept on user’s device. However, it is known that your phone can be hacked and any information stored on your phone can be revealed, so you have to be careful with your belongings. It is important to know that while we are in transition all your emails are well protected, but once someone steals your phone there is not much can be done. We are working on making improvements to secure data at rest on a mobile device by keeping the data encrypted.

I’ve downloaded the ShazzleChat app onto my mobile device, now what?

Congrats, you are well on your way to secure and private email. After downloading the ShazzleChat app on your Android or iOS device, you will have created your new ShazzleChat account (xxxx@shazzlechat.com). You can now begin to send private and secure messages on your device by selecting ‘Create New Message’ from the ShazzleChat Home page. You can send your phone number or email to a contact that also has a ShazzleChat account. This is an ‘in-network’ communication and your recipient(s) will receive the message(s) in their ShazzleChat ‘Messages’ on their mobile device.

Can I access my email on my laptop or desktop?

No, however we anticipate ShazzleChat future versions to work on both mobile and desktops. Please sign-up to receive the latest updates on product and availability information.

Sometimes I experience a delay in sending and receiving messages, large files, and images. Why is that? Who delivers a Shazzle message?

ShazzleChat puts you in charge of delivering your messages, which is what gives you complete privacy. Shazzle does NOT send out your message, because we never receive it from you. It is your message, not ours. What this means, is that you are your own server.

If you have a problem with your phone, or your internet connection, your messages cannot be delivered. This is not a bug in Shazzle however it can be frustrating, this is a function of your device, or your connection. For more information on how Shazzle works please visit https://www.shazzle.com/who-is-shazzle.

Can a friend who does not have a ShazzleChat account send a chat to my ShazzleChat account?

No, ShazzleChat is a peer-to-peer network created to insure privacy between parties. Therefore all parties must have the application to join the network.

How do I permanently delete my ShazzleChat account?

ShazzleChat is simple to permanently delete both your account, history, and all messages. For iOS please press the ShazzleChat icon and follow the instructions to delete. Android works the same.

What is the size of file attachment I can send with my ShazzleChat account?

There is no file size limit with ShazzleChat. The only limitations to ShazzleChat is the device and your connectivity. We recommend you delete images or videos or set them to delete to save space on your local device. ShazzleChat does not store any content so be careful, once deleted, always deleted.

Can this application handle multiple accounts in one installation?

No, ShazzleChat handles one account per device. You may use multiple devices to create additional accounts.

Why are your servers located in USA?

Shazzle never receives or creates a record of your messages. The ShazzleChat network simply delivers your internet protocol (IP) address to your receiver so the two of may establish a direct connection (like a VPN -Virtual Private Network). When you send an encrypted message that Shazzle never touches these messages travel directly from your mobile device to your receiver’s mobile device without ever touching our gear. This guarantees message privacy.

Why do I can’t register without a phone number?

ShazzleChat uses your phone number to identify you and makes it easier to find your friends in the app. You can read the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy for more information on the issue, if you still have questions on this topic.

Why do I can’t register without entering an email?

Email is requested for feedback only. In case of any error or question, you can send us a review via “Help & Support” service, and we will send you an answer to your question or a solution to your problem to the mail you specified.

Can I use ShazzleChat without an internet connection?

No, ShazzleChat is a messenger and internet connection is required to exchange messages. We don’t use servers to store your information, but we use internet to connect.

What’s the difference between “Help & Support” and “Report a Problem”?

The “Help & Support” option is needed for you to contact us. With “Help & Support”, you can ask a question about the app, leave a comment for the development team, or suggest improvements.

The “Report a Problem” option will help you to contact us in case of problematic situations, because there is an item “System logs” in this section, that can help us to determine the cause of the breakdown much faster. For example, during registration, the application gave you an unknown error and didn’t allow you to complete the registration. In this situation, you need to send feedback like “Report a Problem” and describe your problem in details. Make sure the checkbox in the system logs is ON.

What is the difference between “Send as Photo” and “Send as File” when sending a photo?

The “Send as Photo” button sends compressed file. Whereas the “Send as File” button sends uncompressed file.

If you want to send a photo as quickly as possible use “Send as Photo” button to compress the files.

If you want to send a photo in its original size use the “Send as File” button.

The main difference is the speed of files delivery and files downloading due to files compression.
If you touch the button “Send as photo” when sending a photo, files will be delivered faster than if you touch the button “Send as file”. Besides, the recipient will be able to download such files much faster than when sending uncompressed photos.

What are my sharing options to share a photo or a video? (to any of your contacts via text message, Mail, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, FB, Insta)

You can share your files in all applications and system functions that support file sharing. It includes Mail, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, ShareMe, Shareit, Airdrop, and the Messages app preinstalled in the system

What could I do if I can’t register because of an internal or unknown error?

Most often, this error occurs due to technical work being processed at the moment. A possible solution to this problem:

Do I need to create a password when creating a profile?

No, creating a local password is optional. The local password locks access to the application, it is not an account password. You can ignore it and create a profile without creating a new password.

Why not all my contacts displayed in the Invite Contacts list?

The application can only process numbers in international format. Also, problems can arise with non-standard numbers containing letters or written with punctuation marks (1- 123.456.78.90) in the phone book. Make sure the numbers in your phone book are in international format.

Can I use one ShazzleChat account from two devices?

No, unfortunately, our application can’t support two devices at the same time.

What should I do, if I haven’t received an SMS with a verification code?

Why are my messages still not being delivered to the receiver?

Shazzle Chat is a messenger that uses p2p technology. It means that messages are sent not through a server, but directly from your device to the recipient’s device. For the application to work correctly, a stable internet connection is required from both users. Messages will not be sent until the other person is connected to the Internet.

The clock icon in a message indicates the process of sending a message from your device to the device of your interlocutor.

An icon with a single check mark on a message means that the message was delivered but not read.

Two check marks mean that the message has been read by the recipient.

Why do messages only come when I launch the app and don’t appear in push notifications? What can I do to constantly receive notifications?

ShazzleChat could have been limited to the operating system (OS).


Newer versions of Android operating systems have “Smart notifications” and “Adaptive Battery” features that automatically track the usage of background processes and limit the background resources to each app. If you rarely use ShazzleChat, or have “Smart notifications” turned ON, ShazzleChat is limited by OS.

Try to disable the “Adaptive Battery” function and turn OFF “Smart notifications” for Shazzle Chat in OS settings.


A similar situation with restrictions in iOS. If you have not entered the application for a long time or several times in a row you have hidden the notifications from ShazzleChat, the operating system imposes restrictions on the application and its background processes. It leads to the fact that you will not receive notifications from ShazzleChat until you open it.

Open ShazzleChat and receive all notifications. Avoid hiding notifications from it in the future. Otherwise, iOS will take care of you and limit background windows and notifications from ShazzleChat.

How can I set up notifications for ShazzleChat?
  1. Open the ShazzleChat settings,
  2. Go down to the “Notifications” item,
  3. Turn them off and on.

You will have a pop-up window offering to go to the settings and manually configure notifications.

You will be taken to the OS settings in ShazzleChat app section.