Can someone hack Shazzle? Read your messages?

Our design favors direct delivery rules, where the data is transferred securely and the private key is kept on user’s device. However, it is known that your phone can be hacked and any information stored on your phone can be revealed, so you have to be careful with your belongings. It is important to know that while we are in transition all your emails are well protected, but once someone steals your phone there is not much can be done. We are working on making improvements to secure data at rest on a mobile device by keeping the data encrypted.

I’ve downloaded the ShazzleChat app onto my mobile device, now what?

Congrats, you are well on your way to secure and private email. After downloading the ShazzleChat app on your Android or iOS device, you will have created your new ShazzleChat account (xxxx@shazzlechat.com). You can now begin to send private and secure messages on your device by selecting ‘Create New Message’ from the ShazzleChat Home page. You can send your phone number or email to a contact that also has a ShazzleChat account. This is an ‘in-network’ communication and your recipient(s) will receive the message(s) in their ShazzleChat ‘Messages’ on their mobile device.

Can I access my email on my laptop or desktop?

No, however we anticipate ShazzleChat future versions to work on both mobile and desktops. Please sign-up to receive the latest updates on product and availability information.

Sometimes I experience a delay in sending and receiving messages, large files, and images. Why is that? Who delivers a Shazzle message?

ShazzleChat puts you in charge of delivering your messages, which is what gives you complete privacy. Shazzle does NOT send out your message, because we never receive it from you. It is your message, not ours. What this means, is that you are your own server.

If you have a problem with your phone, or your internet connection, your messages cannot be delivered. This is not a bug in Shazzle however it can be frustrating, this is a function of your device, or your connection. For more information on how Shazzle works please visit https://www.shazzle.com/who-is-shazzle.

Can a friend who does not have a ShazzleChat account send a chat to my ShazzleChat account?

No, ShazzleChat is a peer-to-peer network created to insure privacy between parties. Therefore all parties must have the application to join the network.

How do I permanently delete my ShazzleChat account?

ShazzleChat is simple to permanently delete both your account, history, and all messages. For iOS please press the ShazzleChat icon and follow the instructions to delete. Android works the same.

What is the size of file attachment I can send with my ShazzleChat account?

There is no file size limit with ShazzleChat. The only limitations to ShazzleChat is the device and your connectivity. We recommend you delete images or videos or set them to delete to save space on your local device. ShazzleChat does not store any content so be careful, once deleted, always deleted.

Can this application handle multiple accounts in one install?

No, ShazzleChat handles one account per device. You may use multiple devices to create additional accounts.

Why are your servers located in USA?

Shazzle never receives or creates a record of your messages. The ShazzleChat network simply delivers your internet protocol (IP) address to your receiver so the two of may establish a direct connection (like a VPN -Virtual Private Network). When you send an encrypted message that Shazzle never touches these messages travel directly from your mobile device to your receiver’s mobile device without ever touching our gear. This guarantees message privacy.