Accept Credit Cards with ShazzlePay and See the Savings Stack Up.

ShazzlePay allows Merchants to accept customer credit cards through our bluetooth enabled credit card reader. ShazzlePay delivers payment to you, the merchant, in token form.

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Why Choose ShazzlePay Merchant?

ShazzlePay is an inexpensive and secure way to accept
credit cards through your mobile device.


One Simple Solution
No long sign-up process. Download the app, go through simple set-up and attach your
card reader.

Cost Savings
With our meet-or-beat pricing promise and no hidden fees, your business wins with ShazzlePay Merchant.

A Secure Solution
Our payment module features point-to-point encryption technology so your business is protected from the bad guys and customers can pay with confidence.

Five Reasons Why
Your Business Should
Accept Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards
  1. Accepting Credit Cards Boosts Sales!
    When you take your business from a cash-only operation to one that accepts credit cards, your potential customer base broadens significantly.
  2. Accepting Credit Cards Can Improve Your Cash Flow.
    No more waiting for checks to clear, no more billing then waiting to collect from your customers and less cash to handle.
  3. Accepting Credit Cards Eliminates the Risk of Accepting a Bad Check.
    Credit card transactions are screened as they are processed to reduce the risk of fraud.
  4. Credit Cards are Convenient for Customers.
    In addition to being easy to use, rewards programs make credit card payments the top payment choice for many consumers.
  5. Accepting Credit Cards is a Relatively Inexpensive Business Expense
    The increase in sales generated by accepting credit cards often offset the costs involved.

Benefits to ShazzlePay Merchants

Token Based Option

Token Based Option
Shazzle Buyers and Shazzle
Sellers may exchange tokens
instead of credit cards and cash
for payments.

Pay Your Vendors

Pay Your Vendors
Businesses can pay Vendors
in ShazzlePay Tokens.

24-Hour Deposits

24-Hour Deposits
Process ShazzlePay tokens to
cash via overnight wire
to your bank account.

Virtual Business Bank Account

Virtual Business Bank Account
Create your virtual business
account with ShazzlePay
to pay vendors, employees,
savings, or cash.

Do Your Business a Favor Today!

Start accepting credit cards with ShazzlePay Merchant
and see the savings stack up!

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What Are You Waiting For?

Turn your mobile device into a highly secure credit card acceptance
tool and reduce operational expenses in the process.

Q: What does the credit card module for my mobile device cost?

A: Zip. Zilch. Nada. It’s free! Simply sign up for a merchant account, with our payments partner, Paragon Payment Solutions, and you’ll be processing secure transactions in no time.

Q: What about security? How is credit card information protected?

A: Our payments module features point-to-point encryption technology, protecting sensitive credit card information from the bad guys. Customers can rest easy knowing their sensitive data is secured.

Q: What about my credit card fees? Will I pay higher rates?

A: No! In fact, we’re typically able to lower rates for customers and offer a Meet or Beat rate promise.

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Take advantage of lower fees, reduced rates and
point-to-point encryption to reduce fraud. And take your
business to the next level.

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