Fraud Protection through Device Recognition

Trusted Customer is a fraud prevention system using multiple factors of authentication to protect you and your customers when using credit cards online.
Device-present reduces online fraud
just like pin-and-chip reduces it in-store.

Accept credit cards with confidence

Risk of fraud is high with online sales.
Chargebacks cut into your time and profits.
We have a solution for you to securely accept credit card payments and protect your sales.

Where phone-present replaces card-present

Trusted Customer links your client, their card and their purchasing device to ensure that they are genuine and the transaction is authentic.

Why Trusted Customer?

No need to meet in person or handle cash.
Totally Free
Requires no infrastructure costs to maintain or initiate.
Transactions in Real-Time
Verifying your customers is frictionless, keeping your sales fast and smooth.
Reduce chargebacks
Device recognition and customer identification reduce chargebacks.

Fraud is on the rise with online sales

$16.9 Billion
in losses last year due to growing fraud.
206,000 Web Attacks
on eCommerce retailers each month.
35 %
increase in credit card fraud in 2020 and growing every year.

Take control of your sales today