Trusted Customer-
Where Phone-present
replaces Card-present.

Trusted customer phone-present shrinks fraud risk to level of card present pin and chip.

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Introducing Trusted Customer from ShazzlePay

Trusted Customer from ShazzlePay

ShazzlePay Trusted Customer users can download the application to their smartphones and register through the identity verification protocol.

Trusted Customer identity verification protocol involves a simple 3-step authentication. Users begin by linking their device with the application, which is done automatically upon download on smartphones via the app. User verification follows Know Your Customer guidelines.

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Benefits for Banks

Drive new business and reduce risk by partnering with Trusted Customer! Trusted Customer Bank partners can witness cash inflows from new merchants and securely participate in the $500B online retail digital payments industry.

Increase Deposits with Confidence

Trusted Customer Bank partners can receive daily cash deposits from participating merchants, making cash inflow efficient and secure.

Add Protection with Customer Verification

Banks that require their merchant processors to use Trusted Customer can reduce their merchant processor losses through 3-step Customer Verification.

Take on More Clients

Banks using Trusted Customer can attract and accept new merchants without fear of loss due to fraud.


Online Retail


Online Retail Commerce
fraud grew 30% to
$9B in 2018


Online Retail losses due
to credit card fraud will
reach by 2020

Trusted Customer validates every buyer, ensuring that banks reduce client fraud exposure. A bank using Trusted Customer can sleep well, knowing their merchant processor “reserves” for fraud and chargebacks are not the only things protecting them.

Benefits for Merchants

Merchants can verify customers through hardware validation instead of account information that can be easily compromised. Transactions go through 3-Step verification to secure your merchant processing and reduce risk of ecommerce fraud.

Transact in Real-Time

ShazzlePay is exceptionally fast – the payment network infrastructure allows users to transact in real-time within nanoseconds.

No Cost

ShazzlePay requires NO infrastructure costs to maintain or initiate.

Reduce Fees

Reduce ecommerce fees to merchants from an industry average of 4.35% to rates between 1.84% – 2.35% overnight.

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How Trusted Customer Works

ShazzlePay Trusted Customer uses patented authentication
and cross-references multiple data sources to
confirm user identity

Consumer Downloads App
Step 1

Consumer Downloads App
Once the app is installed on the smartphone, users can get registered verified to start using.

Consumer Makes Online Purchase
Step 2

Consumer Makes Online Purchase
The consumer creates an account or sign-in to their existing account on the e-commerce site and proceeds to checkout like normal. No friction is created in the checkout process.

Trusted Customer is Verified
Step 3

Trusted Customer is Verified
Verification cross-references card and phone accounts to verify first time users, then customer’s phone hardware ID is used to verify all future transactions. Once completed the buyer receives a text or SMS to confirm the purchase.

Funds are Tranfered to Merchant
Step 4

Funds are Transferred to Merchant
The buyers funds are then transferred to the merchant who can redeem the payment with confidence.

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