Who Is Shazzle?

Shazzle is a secure messaging platform that includes ShazzleChat, ShazzleMail. You can send messages, emails, files, and payments quickly and securely with Shazzle products.

Shazzle is a revolution in internet communication. Our products bypass the web, where carriers and third-party servers data mine messages for profit, to create a direct path in communication from you to your family, friends, and peers.

Your privacy is our priority.

Why choose Shazzle?

At Shazzle, we believe privacy is the most basic and important freedom today. That’s why we vote in a booth or in the privacy of our own homes. Privacy isn’t about having something to hide, but to provide preservation to your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Shazzle was created because we believe there should be privacy in your internet communications. Your personal, political, religious, and sexual beliefs are yours and that information doesn’t belong to anyone else.

Today, it’s nearly impossible to keep your personal information private. Companies take the data from your private communications to profit. Shazzle has created a way for your communications to be as secure as possible. No one should profit by data mining your communications. You should never trade privacy for convenience, and now, you don’t have to.

How does Shazzle work?

Shazzle brings the power of Peer to Peer (P2P) connectivity to your online communications and payments. Shazzle allows you to safely and directly communicate from your smartphone or any connected device to any contact.

ShazzleChat offers a platform that allows your smartphone to become your own private network. The app breaks messages into pieces and delivers them separately so that no single path contains a complete and readable message. This technology makes it virtually impossible to plan an attack on ShazzleChat or you.

Shazzle connects you with an encrypted channel where you can send communications including videos, pictures, and messages with no file size limits! With our technology, we never receive or store a copy of your message.

You’re in total control of your own privacy.

How is Shazzle different from other messaging apps?

Currently, any communication via text or email is copied, on average, 32 times between the moment you hit send and when it’s received by the intended party. Shazzle changes all of that with our patented technology. Our P2P technology means that your communication is never saved or stored on a server from when you press send to its intended delivery.

Your communication is completely yours.

What is ShazzleChat?

ShazzleChat is a free Peer to Peer (P2P) messaging application that sends and receives messages securely. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber copy and forward the messages across multiple servers from the time it’s sent and received. With ShazzleChat, your messages are never stored, copied, or forwarded. Your message goes directly from you to your intended party. This process also reduces the amount of electricity needed to send a message.

Shazzle doesn’t store your memories. They belong to you, not us. Our technology is designed to keep you connected without worrying about your information’s security. We believe privacy is liberty. We do not store your information because we do not see or store your information.

ShazzleChat is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

What is ShazzleMail?

ShazzleMail is a free desktop and mobile application that turns your phone or computer into a private mail server. It uses our patented technology to easily send secure emails between you and anyone in your contact list.

You can easily send attachments, organize your email accounts, and sync ShazzleMail with your smartphone and desktop. ShazzleMail can send emails to those without a ShazzleMail account safely and securely as well.

Visit ShazzleMail.com to get started!